NE Brazil [2015/2016]

A three-week independent trip to NE Brazil together with Marten Hornsveld and Vivian Jacobs. For logistic convenience we decided to do a roundtrip from Salvador, leaving birding around Fortaleza for a next trip. We visited the Atlantic Rainforest sites of Tamandare, Frei Caneca, Murici, Estancia, Michelin, Boa Nova, Serra Bonita and Mata do Passarinho. Furthermore, we explored the caatinga inland at Boa Nova, Chapada Diamantina, Canudos and Crato.
With almost 450 species it was a fantastic experience of all the great birding NE Brazil has to offer. Many thanks to Ciro Albano and Caio Brito whom we ran into and provided us with crucial birding information, Kevin Flesher and Alexandre Enout for arranging our visits to Michelin and Balbina. Bill, Charles Douglas, Josepha for excellent guiding and Vitor Becker for a wonderful stay at the Serra Bonita Reserve.

Tripreport NE Brazil 2015
Some photos