New Caledonia [2018]

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Since we were so close to New Caledonia in our year of travelling we had to visit New Caledonia to see a Kagu. Of course, when we made the trip we tried to see the rest of the endemics as well, and given it was an in-between stop we tried to see everything in a short timeframe. We started with a 2-trip to the small Loyalty islands Lifou and Ouvea for their endemic White-eyes and Parakeet, next we had 3,5 days on Grande Terre but after 2 days we had seen all the birds (including the Thicketbird).
Since we are still traveling this is a preliminary trip report with our main findings and a rough annotated species list (counts are incomplete and subspecies indication is missing). Please send us an email if you are missing information.

New Caledonia Tripreport
Some Photos