West Papua [2018]


West Papua was the third stop in our year of travelling. Visiting Papua had been on our wish list for years and since West Papua has become a lot easier in recent years in terms of logistics and is still a lot cheaper than PNG we decided to primarily focus on the BOP’s (and other specialties) on the Indonesian side. (After our trip to West Papua we travel to PNG but there we focus mainly on the surrounding islands.) This report covers the 5,5-week trip to West Papua where we visited Numfor & Biak, Sorong (inc. Klasow Valley), Waigeo, Nimbokrang, Snow Mountains and the Arfaks. We were joined for most of the trip by Sjoerd Radstaak (Sorong until Arfaks), Marten Hornsveld, Vivian Jacobs, Bas Garcia (Waigeo until Arfaks) and Sander Lagerveld (Nimbokrang & Snow Mountains). Sander also visited the surroundings of Merauke (Wasur NP) for some southern specialities.

Since we are still traveling this is a preliminary trip report with our main findings and a rough annotated species list (counts are incomplete and subspecies indication is missing). Sjoerd improved this tripreport enormously with his contribution. Please send us an email if you are missing information.

West Papua – tripreport
Some photos
GPS map